Poker Hands

The most important thing to understand about online poker is the variety of winning hands you can sit with at any given time. All of the winning hands that are currently available are listed below, in descending order of difficulty. On different poker sites, the better your poker hand is, the more likely it is that you will win the current poker round in which you are participating.

1. Royal flush




The Royal Flush is the best poker hand in the history of poker. That means you’ll need a ten, a jack, a queen, a king, and an ace – all of the same suit – in order to qualify.

2. Straight Flush




Specifically, you will be given a series of five cards with numerical values that are sequentially presented to you, and each card must be the same color as the previous card.

3. Fire Like

As the name implies, the objective here is to obtain four consecutive even number symbols on the hand, such as four eights, four kings, or four aces, for example. The greater the value of the number, the better the poker hand you have.

4. Full House

This is about getting three equal cards plus two equal cards, for example, three tens and two eights, to make a total of four equal cards. The best full house hand you can sit with is three aces and two kings, which is the best possible combination.

5. Flush

A flush is primarily defined by the possession of five cards of the same suit. This means that you must have five of each of the following cards on hand: five hearts cards, five diamonds cards, five spades cards, or five clover cards.

6. Straight

When you get a straight, you get five cards in a row that are the same suit as the previous card, such as a two, three, four, and five. Even though it is one of the better poker hands you can get, it is a little more difficult to obtain than other combinations such as two or three of a kind.

7. Three Pair

To win, all you have to do is collect three consecutive even number symbols on your hand, such as three fives, three sevens, or three kings. Remember that it is critical to have as many cards with high values as possible in this situation as well.

8. Two Pairs

If you place a bet on two pairs, your goal is to get two equal symbols plus two equal symbols. For example, two threes and two tens can be used to make this combination. The best poker hand you can make with two pairs is two aces and two kings, which is the best possible combination. It will out compete all other hands with two pairs, as well as all other hands with one pair or a high card, in the tournament.

9. Couple

This poker hand is one of the simplest that you can obtain. Each deck of cards contains 52 cards, with each symbol appearing four times in each deck of cards. As a result, it is relatively simple to have one pair of cards on hand – for example, two threes or two sixes.

10. High Card

It is simply a matter of remaining seated with the highest card in your hand at the conclusion of the round. Assuming that no other player has a winning hand and you have an ace in your hand, you will win the round if no other players have an ace in their hand.