Online Poker Sites

You can save hours of browsing through the thousands of websites by using our online poker site reviews. Many online poker sites use the same operating system, features, software, and rules, which is why they are so similar.

It's important to compare various online poker providers based on parameters that affect your safety and gaming enjoyment. So you can start playing poker faster. That is, you can start winning money faster.

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How We Rate Online Poker Sites


Our online poker reviews will help you navigate the unmanageable sea of different providers that have gradually come to. We do this to ensure you are not cheated. So we only review licensed venues that can legally offer games in Denmark. Moreover, our reviews are based on factors that contribute to a safe and enjoyable gaming experience. This ensures that, for example, payments and user security are compliant with local legislation.

The first and most important factor in any review is user safety.


Choice and Bonus


Of course, we're looking at the poker games each site offers. So you as a user can quickly see which websites best suit your needs.

Then we look at the real money online poker bonuses. We also include any promotional offers on the website in our online poker reviews.

Its website's bonus is a great way to attract new customers. But it's also vital to get full value for money. A good poker player can quickly turn an online bonus into a win. An online bonus for new players can be some free poker rounds to get a feel for the game. Overall, an online bonus is vital for any poker site, but as with anything free, caution is advised.

Some websites require you to pay your online bonus or win a corresponding amount before you can withdraw your winnings and get paid. On some websites, you must earn a certain number of points before receiving your bonus winnings.



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Rakeback is a factor that should be considered when evaluating an online bonus. This shows how much of an online poker site's rake a user can get back. A rake can be, for example, ears.

It may not sound like much, but it adds up quickly when you play a lot of hands. With a good rakeback agreement, you can get 30% of each rake back, which can be crucial for your account balance.




We also rate online poker rooms based on their user count and table accessibility. This shows how easy it is to find tables with players of similar skill levels. It also shows whether it is easy to get to, so one does not have to wait or end up at an empty table.

On-line poker sites have free-roll tables where you can sit and win real prizes. Free-roll tables are good for new players who don't want to risk much. Our online poker reviews include the number of free roll tables. In our reviews, we check if the website allows you to qualify for tournaments. The three points above are part of the usability criterion.

Included in the ease of use are payment options and customer service. User-friendly poker rooms are easy to find, contact, and get paid at. The degree of user-friendliness is usually related to the specific software details, which are also analyzed during our reviews.

Finally, we examine the poker site's current tax rules. The basic rule is that winnings from legally licensed online casinos in EU countries are tax-free. So we'll see if it's followed.


A Good Tip


Aside from the review criteria above, our best advice is to find your online poker level as soon as possible. The size of the table blinds, i.e. the mandatory deposit to participate in the poker game, changes hands with each new game. The best poker players prefer tables with high blinds, while the less experienced prefer tables with low blinds. Regardless of your level, it's always best to be cautious in the early rounds to avoid being fooled by your opponents' tricks.


Popular Poker Games in the UK


Poker is a popular card game both online and offline. Many current poker champions and pros learned online. Major tournament qualifying rounds are frequently done online.

Poker is a card game with a long history dating back to the mid-19th century. Texas Hold'em, 5 Card Draw, Omaha, Omaha High/low 8 or better, and 7 Card Stud are the most popular in Denmark today. Texas Hold'Em is the most common and popular form. This may be because the rules are simple and can be learned quickly.

At the low stakes of all poker games, luck still matters. But the more you play and improve, the less luck matters. A good bluff and a calm poker face (even online!) are important.

Professional tournament play began in the 1970s with the World Series of Poker. Texas Hold'em is still the most widely played poker variant in professional tournaments with big cash prizes. For example, in 2012, Greg Merson won £ 8,527,982 million playing Texas Hold'Em at the World Series of Poker. If you want to run with the big win, you might want to try Texas Hold'em, which is one of the easier variations to learn. But as one of the most successful poker players ever, Gus Hansen of Denmark, can attest, mastering Texas Hold'Em takes time.


What Is the Best Poker Venue?


One of the most important factors in choosing a suitable venue is being 100% certain of receiving any possible winnings. Sadly, many online poker sites have been proven to defraud their users. Of course, we don't list these sites in our online poker reviews. The same goes for websites without a valid state license to offer online games in Denmark.

Our criteria are met if most of our criteria are met, and you as a user can play the variations you want to play. Here is our checklist for picking online poker rooms. The more criteria at the top, the better.


Selection Checklist


We've compiled a list of the most important criteria for a safe, fun, and challenging game of poker:

  • Security
  • Bonuses and deals
  • Rakeback
  • Variations of poker
  • Tax
  • Table availability
  • Freebies
  • Major tournament qualifying
  • Options for customer service
  • Methods of re
  • System info



We review online poker rooms to ensure that all users have a safe and enjoyable experience. Even trying out the thousands of online poker rooms can be daunting, which is why reviews like ours are vital to consider when making a decision.

We evaluate venues based on quality and credibility. This checklist for choosing online poker rooms reviews the key features that should be prominently displayed on a website.

Finally, you can avoid many of the mistakes we have made over time. We wish you much fun!