What is Poker Without a Deposit?


Poker without Deposit is a project that aims to make this game accessible to everyone (as long as you are an adult) and attracts millions of players worldwide!


How Do We Help People Play Poker for Free?

The tutorials on our website explain step by step with pictures of how to get an online poker bonus for a list of poker rooms without making a deposit.

Do We Receive Real Free Money to Play Online Poker?


You get! To withdraw money from this poker room in any of these bonuses you must first earn points.


But Why Are You Giving Me Money Without Asking Anything in Return?


You should not believe that people give you money but invest in you by giving you a no deposit poker bonus. When you reach the required number of points to withdraw the money, you have already generated more money than was invested in you.


And if You Win, How Can You Withdraw the Money?


There are several ways to withdraw money, including bank transfers and online banks like Moneybookers and Neteller. Giving your bank information won’t hurt you because the poker rooms can’t debit your account.


Is It Reliable to Provide Your Data to Online Poker Rooms?


Although many of the online poker rooms are based offshore, they are licensed and must meet certain requirements to operate. We are dealing with multinational companies, not small businesses.


Online Poker Is an Addictive Game?


No, just like everything in life, there are people who become addicted to anything, like Facebook, where millions are addicted! The idea that you shouldn’t play online poker because you might get addicted is a myth, just like everything else in life.


Poker is a Game Of Luck?


Statistical experts and chess experts consulted by Toulosse concluded that poker was a game of skill rather than chance. More recently, former Yale professor Randal Heeb said after studying a database of 415 million poker hands that “skills are more important than chance.”


Where Can I Find the Best Poker Clients?


We have the best poker clients list. We have reviewed all poker clients available on the Norwegian market so you can find the best one for you.

Do I Pay Tax on Poker Winnings?


The same rules apply to online poker winnings. Winnings from poker sites are tax-free up to £10,000, with winnings over £10,000 subject to a 22% tax. Also, keep in mind that you can deduct your winnings.